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Ann'ue Sensation, LLC

Hand Crafted Natural, Paraben Free Lotions & Healing Creams


Sore Muscle & Arthritis Cream


This is for those of you who need a little relief from pain on a daily basis. Are you botherd by: *Arthritis pain *Sports muscle strain *Diabietic foot pain *Restless leg syndrom *Muscle tention Rub this soothing cream on twice a day. Feel the relaxing effects of rosemary, juniper berry, sweet orange and clary sage as they penetrate your sore muscles and sooth your pain away. With the help of Emu oil and Kukui oil to reduce inflamation and muscle spasams, you will feel better and better after each use. For a little extra deep penetration apply heat after each application. Sore Muscle & Arthritis Cream has shown some significant relief for foot pain due to complications from Diabieties, Restless leg syndrom, and tension that can cause pain in the neck and back.

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